Snail of Approval

Slow Food in Sonoma County awards the Snail of Approval  to local restaurants, producers and artisans who are making a significant contribution to improving the food system.  By celebrating these model providers, Slow Food in Sonoma County highlights the importance of the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean and fair food for all people.  Slow Food in Sonoma County is a partnership of two local chapters, Sonoma County North and Russian River.  

Do you have a favorite restaurant that practices the ideals of good, clean and fair food? Let them know they can apply for a “Snail of Approval” or send us your recommendation and we will invite them to apply.  Would you like to be involved in our program? We are looking for volunteers to join out team.

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Project Leaders:  Carol Diaz, Kathy Matonak, Debbi Crapeau