About Us

Sonoma County North goals:

1.  Support and promote our local farmers  and their products.

2.  Support the products and activities of those who are preserving (or inventing) local and regional traditions in the growing and preparation of food.

3.  Present educational programs and events that enhance member and community knowledge about sustainable farming and food production, biodiversity, food traditions, and  the benefits of eating food that is fresh, seasonal, and locally produced.

4.  Create events that take place at table to increase the sense of community among members of our convivium, members of fellow Sonoma County convivia, and members of the community.

5.  Engage in community projects and organizations that promote food justice and equity in bringing food from farm to table.

6.  Develop and broaden relationships and exchanges with others who share the guiding values of Slow Food.

7.  Develop or engage in projects that reach beyond Sonoma County to foster cultural exchange and support the food production and educational activities of struggling communities in the United States and elsewhere.


Sonoma County North bylaws

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Sonoma County North address:

P.O. Box 1494 | Healdsburg CA | 95448

Sonoma County North leaders: 




Debbi Crapeau, Co-Chair, Treasurer

Marie Giacalone, Co-Chair, Events Chair

Laura Mack, Co-Chair, Secretary

Lynn Davis

Carol Diaz, Communications

Lisa Hunter, Membership

Kathy Matonak

Events Committee

Marie Giacalone, Chair

Lynn Davis

Carol Diaz

Bill Hawn

Lisa Hunter

Laura Mack

Shelley Witten

Marisha Zeffer

Project Leaders

AMIDI, Marilee Wingert

Ark of Taste, Elissa Rubin-Mahon

Beginning Farmer, Lisa Hunter

Bodega Red Potato, Zureal Bernier

School Gardens, Lise Ciolino

Slow Harvest, Aletha Soulé