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Around the Slow Table with “My Kitchen Year”

Do you like to try new recipes and share the results with a small group of friends? Do you enjoy discussing a dish’s ingredients and process of creating it? If you said YES, then join us for dinner based on recipes each guest prepares from My Kitchen Year, by Ruth Reichl.

Lynn Davis’s home in Windsor

The address will be sent when you register.

This is how it works. Get a copy of My Kitchen Year—and select a few recipes that appeal to you. When you register, your host will contact you to select which recipe you should prepare and how many people it should feed (a recipe that serves 4-6 people is usually sufficient).

Please also bring a beverage to share.

At dinner you’ll get to know each other and discuss your experiences preparing your dish. You may also nominate your own favorite cookbook for another Slow Table meal.

To register, please RSVP to slowfoodsonomacountynorth@gmail.com.

Ruth Reichl, My Kitchen Year

My Kitchen Year follows the change of seasons as Ruth Reichl heals through the simple pleasures of cooking after the abrupt closing of Gourmet magazine. Each dish Reichl prepares for herself–and for her family and friends–represents a life’s passion for food: a blistering ma po tofu that shakes Reichl out of the blues; a decadent grilled cheese sandwich that accompanies a rare sighting in the woods around her home; a rhubarb sundae that signals the arrival of spring. Part cookbook, part personal narrative, part paean to the household gods, My Kitchen Year reveals Reichl’s most treasured recipes, to be shared over and over again with those we love. (Amazon)